Online Giving


You can now give online with a credit card,
debit card or electronic check.

The link below will take you to the contributions page,
where you can give toward your tithe, general fund, World Missions or other ministries.
(Be sure to let us know about any other designations in the comment box.) 

You can schedule regular payments and view a history of your online giving.
If you haven't yet created a profile, we encourage you to do so.
(You must create a profile to access the recurring payment and history features.)

Please note that the church strongly discourages online giving which leads to personal indebtedness.
For that reason, we prefer that you use an E-check draft from your banking account,
a debit card or other credit card which is paid monthly.
Blank Check  Visa Card  Master Card 
Again, if you are planning to charge your giving to a credit card
and carry a monthly balance, we'd rather you not use the online giving function.
This online option is designed for those who pay their balances off each month
to avoid incurring interest charges.
Click Here To Donate!

Click Here to Donate


Click Here To Donate!